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Monday, June 04, 2007

Where am I?

Its always good to know who we are and what are our weakness and strength for our goal.

I am a Software Engineer with about two years of experience. I have used Java in most part of my work so far. As you might know by now, I completed SCJP 5.0 last week with 81%. My real aim is SCJD so I am not very keen on the SCJP score.

After doing good amount of research I found that I need to be strong in the following areas:
  1. Swing and good user interface design
  2. Object oriented analysis and design(OOAD)
  3. RMI and socket programming
  4. Multi threading
  5. IO
  6. Design patterns
  7. Javadoc, coding conventions and maintanability of code
  8. Others: Ant, Junit for building and testing the app
In the above, the only strength I have is multi threading. I am planning to learn all the others pretty soon. I really want to get the basics right in all the above areas within one month(30-June-07) from today. I did not do any estimate, Its just did a blind target as I am new to areas like RMI, Swing and design patterns. I will have a real target as I get into learning all the stuffs listed above when I start getting the grip of it.

I got Head first OOAD and Java Design patters book to begin with. Started learning....

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