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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

FON is a relatively new term in the blogsphere. FON is nothing but a software program which allows its users to share the WiFi broadband acces. They call it as WiFi revolution(In the official Site). The FON users are called as "Foneros". The Foneros can be of three types, they are Linus, Bill and Alien. Linus is the user who uses WiFi for Free and also shares his/her WiFi for Free with others. The concept is, share your WiFi bandwidth at home and use WiFi all over the world(For Free).Bill, As the name suggests Bill is the user who shares his/her WiFi for some money and pays 50% of what the Alien users pay for using FON. Aliens are the users who pay some modest fee for using FON and they never share their WiFi. FON is still in beta stage and available only for Linus users. As of now FON is covered only in US and Spain, the company said rest of the countries will be covered soon. FON was unvield recently in Jan, 2006 at an Oreilly conference. Martin Varsavsky is the man behind the spain based FON company.

Will it Fly??
As noted above FON is called as the WiFi revolution by the company which promotes it. Before concluding whether it is a revolution or not we have to weigh some obvious things about FON.

First thing is that, it is still in the beta stage. So we are not sure whether it is secure enough to open our WiFi access for everyone. Internet, apart from its benifits, it is also notorious for virususes, hacking etc. So security will be a prime concern in FON.

The second thing about FON is the issue of sharing WiFi bandwidth openly. Will the Broad band(ISP) companies allow their users to share the WiFi openly to everyone? It is an hindrance for FON, but still there are some companies which allows users to share their WiFi through FON. Mind it, only some companies allows that, not many. Will many ISP's follow the suit? Only time gives the answer, lets wait and see. The third factor is you need a router for using FON as a linus user. For now the only compaitable router is Linksys WRT54G/GS/GL. So there are not many options for the router.

And finally FON is dependent on WiFi and ISP providers, since WiFi is not as popular as a wired connection there is a long way to go for FON. WiFi may be popular is some countries, but it is not largely popular in third world countries. By saying not popular i mean WiFi did not reach most of the homes & companies yet.

Pros of FON

Being as a startup does it gets the attention of biggies? Yes it is. In february FON recieved funding of $21.7 Million from Google, Skype and other VC's & it had started becoming the buzzword in net. So thats a great boost for FON. The three cons of FON which are specified above are just difficulties that should be overcome to make FON a success. What i think is FON will be successful in the long run, but it will take more time to fly high!!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Reinventing My Blog

Getting into blogging was in my mind for quite some time. May be for more than two years... Every time i started blogging i never took it serious and it didnt last long. Now im into serious blogging. So i hope this will be a good begining.

My objective in my blog is to express my self in a better way i can. I wish this blog is useful for the reader in understanding my thoughts and will be glad if this is useful in some way for the reader. I believe Blog SPAMMING is bad(I mean writing nonsense). So i will do some home work before writing anything in the blog and ensure that it sticks to the topic of interest. I may make mistakes in the beginning, but as the time passes by im sure i will improve, aftreall we learnby mistakes. So i would like to recieve many comments, which says where i have to correct my self and where i have done well. This will take me a long way in writing the blog and improving myself. So feel free to comment.

As of now i have categorised my blog in to four topics,

  1. rnd(Thoughts) is a general blog. Where i will talk about anything i cant group in to other topics.
  2. Photo Blog is for sharing some good pictures/photos which is worth sharing to you.
  3. Business Blog is for sharing my business knowledge and thoughts. As you can guess, im not a great businessman yet, but some day im willing to become.
  4. Technology is all about technology! I always love technology, i beieve technology is the one which made us human. Had we not invented new things/technology we would still be apes.

I may add some more topics in future, but im sure i will never write anything personal.You can get to know about this blog by subscribing to the following RSS feeds.The RSS feeds for my blog are

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ajax - The way the web is becoming!

Web is becoming the Ajax way! Many web sites are becoming Ajax sites. Recently I checked out some of the Ajax sites... NetVibes was one among them.This is one of the fewer sites which implemented Ajax long time ago. It was cool! I liked the RSS reader in Netvibes. It was instant and as fast as desktop applications. But i use for reading RSS content. So it will take time for me to shift to NetVibes. Rather shifting to NetVibes I expect MyYahoo to go for Ajax.

Google is the one which popularised the Ajax, by implementing it in Gmail, Google Maps, Google Suggest and many more... Recently Google Finance was released, which is also an implementation of Ajax. Adding fuel for fire, Microsoft recently released Atlas. It is a framework for developing Ajax applications.

Recently AjaxWrite was released. I couldnt check out AjaxWrite because it is asking for
FireFox. There are many similar Ajax word processors on the net. Zoho Writer was another one. We can create DOC/PDF/HTML documents using these online word processors. These online proceesors are said to be the alternative for Microsoft Word. But i feel that these cannot replace Microsoft Word Or Openoffice. I feel that these Ajax word processors are similar to WordPad which we use in windows. Recently Google acquired Writely, another online wordprocessor. Writley is there for quite some time than AjaxWrite and Zoho writer.

What Ajax is?
Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) is a group of technologies which make the web applications more interactive than before.Eager to know about Ajax??? The Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications article gives a clear picture about Ajax. This is the article which coined the term AJAX. Ajax involves JavaScript, XML, HTML and CSS. These technologies exists for quite long time... Ajax uses older technologies to create newer generation of applications. New way of creating web applications, which gives rich interactive applications for the user in no time!