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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Adobe digital editions

I recently tried Adobe Digital Editions and started loving it. It is more like viewing a pdf file in acrobat reader. It is actually a ebook reader and the features included in Adobe digital editions are highly suitable for avid reader like me. The features include bookmarking, creating a library of ebooks with book shelf(It is like folders). It requires flash installed in your machine. Try it out you might like it if you need a light weight application.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Where am I?

Its always good to know who we are and what are our weakness and strength for our goal.

I am a Software Engineer with about two years of experience. I have used Java in most part of my work so far. As you might know by now, I completed SCJP 5.0 last week with 81%. My real aim is SCJD so I am not very keen on the SCJP score.

After doing good amount of research I found that I need to be strong in the following areas:
  1. Swing and good user interface design
  2. Object oriented analysis and design(OOAD)
  3. RMI and socket programming
  4. Multi threading
  5. IO
  6. Design patterns
  7. Javadoc, coding conventions and maintanability of code
  8. Others: Ant, Junit for building and testing the app
In the above, the only strength I have is multi threading. I am planning to learn all the others pretty soon. I really want to get the basics right in all the above areas within one month(30-June-07) from today. I did not do any estimate, Its just did a blind target as I am new to areas like RMI, Swing and design patterns. I will have a real target as I get into learning all the stuffs listed above when I start getting the grip of it.

I got Head first OOAD and Java Design patters book to begin with. Started learning....

Friday, June 01, 2007

Sharing SCJD

I have just started to prepare for SCJD. So I thought it would be better If I share my explorations with everyone in this blog. I will share my plans, explorations and my progress in this blog. I think it will be very useful for both me and others.

From my side I will be logging my plans, explorations and progress here. It is an opportunity for me to help others who are preparing for SCJD and to stay committed myself. Otherwise I might float it and fail to achieve it within the target date. More I write about it, more I get involved and above all I will have the satisfaction of helping others, which is worth more than just earning the certification myself!

I always wanted to know how people prepared for the certification and their experience. So I read a lot about the experiences in the forums like Javaranch. But the disadvantage with forum post was, I can only read the experience in the end and not real time. And also whatever I read was just a summary. It doesn't give a clear picture how others have overcome the obstacles. So If I share my experience real time with others, it is an opportunity for others who are preparing for SCJD. My experience will be useful for others irrespective of my result in SCJD. Whether I pass or not, it doesn't matter. If I pass everyone will benefit from the path I have taken. If I fail everyone(Including me) will know why I failed and learn from the experience. I see a lot of benefits like this. So I am sure its worth sharing!!

I am aware that I am not supposed to reveal any details of the assignment. So I will not give out any details about the assignment which is illegal(And against my will). Instead I will log my experience real time. For the sake of convenience I will tag all my SCJD related experience with the tag "SCJDShare". So In future anyone can just filter the posts and read it. So I am starting today the first post with "SCJDShare". Also I will be bookmarking my links in delicious with the tag "SCJD". Long way to go... Lets do it!!!

At last SCJP

At last I have completed my SCJP 5.0 last week. I got the voucher one year before and after a long time I completed the exam successfully. In my opinion SCJP is not that tough. Because it did not involve many tricky questions unlike the simulators. The real SCJP questions are more direct and evaluates your understanding of Java. If you are well versed with Java then SCJP should be a cake walk. Whatever I read from forums like Javaranch are a hype.

I started preparing for SCJD exam. It is my next goal and I target May, 2008 to complete it. I got to learn many things for this exam. So far I am enjoying it, and I hope I complete it well before the target date. I am shooting for December, 2007 if all goes well.