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Friday, May 04, 2007

Yahoo Photos to be discontinued!

According to Techcrunch Yahoo Photos will be discontinued soon in favour of Flickr. I am a fan of Yahoo Photos and user for more than 6 years. I wish Flicr is shut in favour of Yahoo photos since the number of Yahoo users photos are more than Flickr. Yahoo photos is the leader in online photo site as per the data from Techcrunch:

Yahoo Photos ---> 31.1 Million unique visitors
Flickr ---> 28.5 Million unique visitors
Photobucket ---> 28.1 Million unique visitors
Facebook Photos ---> 23.5 Million unique visitors

It is an irony that eventhough Yahoo photos is the leader in photo sharing site it is getting discontinued. I wish it is otherwise. Any how I hope the migration from Yahoo Photos to Flickr will be less painful!!

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