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Saturday, February 17, 2007

In-Game advertising getting hot!

After the google's acquisition of AdScape Media I researched about In-Game advertising industry and here are the facts.

What is In-game advertising?
In-game advertising is another kind of advertising where the advertisements are placed inside the computer games. In-game advertising dates back to late 70's where the in-game advertising was purely static. The advertisements will be created during the development and It can never be changed. But now, its an era of dynamic In-game advertising. In dynamic In-game advertising the advertisements can be altered remotely by advertising agency.

Why its hot?
According to these sources, the size of computer gaming industry is more than $38 billion and its growing rapidly. With the recent releases of Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 gaming consoles, gaming industry is reaching new levels. Computer games engage the gamer fully and no longer considered to be just for entertainment, It has a high potential for advertising which is not tapped so far. And virtual reality games like Second Life adds fuel to the fire of In-game advertising.

Who's is in?

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