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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yahoo Phishing Alert !

Beware there is a forward mail around the web which has a phishing link. You might recieve this phishing link saying that your friend wants to share his recent photos with you. This phishing site is hosted in Geocities and If you click this link, you will be taken to Yahoo Photos like phishing site and if you enter your ID and pasword, your Yahoo ID is lost!

What is Phishing?
Phisihng is an fraudulent activity to acquire some sensitive information like passwords, PIN numbers etc. Phishing site is a website which looks like a genuine website and fools the user to enter the sensitive information.

How to prevent Phishing?
1) Dont enter sensitive information in a website unless you are sure that it is a genuine website.
2) Use phishing prevention methods provided by sites like Yahoo.
3) Dont click a link which you recieved from a complete strager.
4) Be aware about the current news about Phishing sites in the web.
5) Use antiphishing softwares.

Worst case Schenario:
If you are a victim of the Phishing and you lost your Yahoo ID and password, follow these steps,

1) Try to change your password ASAP (If your password is not changed after a phishing attack)
2) If your password is changed then try to recover your password by providing the necessary information like DOB in this link.
3) If you dont remember necessary information to recover your password then contact Yahoo to reset your password. Send an email to And Try calling 866-562-7219
4) If none of the above steps worked then report it to and say "bye bye" to your Yahoo ID and learn from your mistakes. Spread the world so that others will be wary of these kinds of Phishing links.

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