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Monday, September 04, 2006

Why not try Linux?

One fine day I had this question in my mind.... Why not try Linux??? I have been using Windows Since 2000 and I really got bored. So I thought Linux is worth a try.

Being a newbie to linux there were many surprises for me. One of them is the Live CD. Live CD was pretty new to me (May be for you too!). And explored further and found many live distros. Some of them are Damn Small Linux, SLAX, Puppy Linux, Ubuntu etc. Also I was exploring other unix like systems BSD(DragonFlyBSD) and Solaris. Belenix, It is the Live distro based on OpenSolaries created by an indian(In SunMicrosystems, Bangalore). So i couldnt resist myself from trying it out. Out of the all the live distros i liked SLAX due to its good look and feel(Yes, I didnt learn much of the linux yet, but started learning).

What is Live Distro?
If you are wondering what a live distro is then here is what you want. Live Distro is a OS which runs directly from CD! You need not install any of the above OS. Instead put the OS CD and boot directly from the CD!! I always had a hard time installing linux in my windows machine. I always screwed up my windows when i tried to install linux! So if you know the trick please let me know... Still I find it difficult. Surprising thing for me is most of these disros, after booting they can run directly from RAM!!!!

Its not just these Live Distros surprised me. I found that Linux can be run inside Windows using some Virtualisation softwares like VMWare! And also some Linux emulators are available. Some of the popular Linux emulators are Boscs and qemu.

Are you a Linux Newbie??
If you want to learn Linux then I highly recommend one of the above mentioned live distros. Most of them can even boot from a Pen Drive(Lessthan 128 MB)!. So download it and start learning. Do you need learning materials? Dont worry, visit LearnLinux. Linux Documentation will also be useful for your linux adventure. Join me as a Linux newbie, I will keep you posted about my findings! Lets have fun!


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Here is how to dual boot: