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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Experience with VirtualBox

Before a year I first encountered Virtualbox, It was easy to setup and use. Before virtual box I have tried Qemu and VMware. I started loving virtual box, from then on it became my favorite Virtualization software. Last week I was build Linux from source (LFS) in Virtualbox, It went well in the beginning.

When I was building Linux from source I stored at-least 15 snapshots to restore if something went wrong and It took me two days of continuous building to reach a point where I am close to finish. I took a break after saving snapshot. To my surprise I could not restore from the snapshot. I lost two days of work due to a bug in Virtualbox 3. Do not rely on snapshots stored in Virtualbox 3, it is bugggy!!
Now I have to start over and build my linux from scratch.

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