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Friday, October 06, 2006

Alert: Yahoo messenger Virus is out there, Beware!

Today I was one of the poor fellows who got infected by W32.Imaut.A
worm. I recieved a link from one of my friend in Yahoo messenger and
innocently i clicked the link. Thats it, my IE got affected and
Registry editor was disabled! And the virus sent the link to all my
friends list before my eyes! I couldnt even stop it. Iam slowly
recovering from the virus, hope the following link helps you if you get
infected by the same virus and it was helpful for me,

Symantec Link

Fortunately this virus doesnot do a fatal damage. But unfortunately if
you are in Yahoo messenger list of infected person,then you are bound
to recieve the virus link. Dont click that suspicious link, If you
click then you are dead! Beware!

PS: I posted this message in couple of groups and forums. So dont think im copying and posting it everywhere. The intention is to spread the world about my bad experience so that others can be cautious.

1 comment:

Mahesh kumar R said...

thanks sundar for updating all of us regarding this virus.
keep blogging , sharing !!