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Monday, March 27, 2006

Reinventing My Blog

Getting into blogging was in my mind for quite some time. May be for more than two years... Every time i started blogging i never took it serious and it didnt last long. Now im into serious blogging. So i hope this will be a good begining.

My objective in my blog is to express my self in a better way i can. I wish this blog is useful for the reader in understanding my thoughts and will be glad if this is useful in some way for the reader. I believe Blog SPAMMING is bad(I mean writing nonsense). So i will do some home work before writing anything in the blog and ensure that it sticks to the topic of interest. I may make mistakes in the beginning, but as the time passes by im sure i will improve, aftreall we learnby mistakes. So i would like to recieve many comments, which says where i have to correct my self and where i have done well. This will take me a long way in writing the blog and improving myself. So feel free to comment.

As of now i have categorised my blog in to four topics,

  1. rnd(Thoughts) is a general blog. Where i will talk about anything i cant group in to other topics.
  2. Photo Blog is for sharing some good pictures/photos which is worth sharing to you.
  3. Business Blog is for sharing my business knowledge and thoughts. As you can guess, im not a great businessman yet, but some day im willing to become.
  4. Technology is all about technology! I always love technology, i beieve technology is the one which made us human. Had we not invented new things/technology we would still be apes.

I may add some more topics in future, but im sure i will never write anything personal.You can get to know about this blog by subscribing to the following RSS feeds.The RSS feeds for my blog are

1 comment:

Arun k j said...

Hi Sundar,
Welcome 2 the world of Blogging. A good start.Hope it continues...I like the title of ur blog rnd(thoughts)..