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Sunday, November 13, 2005


I wanted to give a shot myself for Blogging. So Iam geared up for blogging.......... Hope everything goes fine.

Visual Studio 2005 is out on Nov 07. Beta version of Visual Studio is available for free download @ Microsft Site. So MCAD certifications for .NET are going to be discontinued. It won't be discontinued before early 2006. Hence Iam planning to take MCAD now and go for an upgrade exam for the new certification.

I took Microsoft's Free e-learning course for ASP.NET. It was good. But eventhen I do not feel its better than book reading. Coz Im more comfortable with reading material in books than in PC. Ofcourse the animations in the Free course were very good.

From Nov 01-Nov 15, Brainbench has opened its Online Tests for Free. So It was useful for me this time. I earned certifications for JavaScript, VisualBasic,Web Development Concepts, DHTML and Web Design Concepts. Since I was good in web application development, I cleared all these exams easily without any preparation. Any how I was unable to clear ASP 3.0 and SQL Server2000 programming with the knowledge which I currently posses. Hope I earn my MCAD certification ASAP.

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